One Job took us to Llay, where one poor chap Daren had an accident with black T cut that went everywhere, whilst cleaning his Motor Bike in his back bedroom! We used elbow grease and tar remover and hey presto! a great result and a really happy customer that gave us a five star review on our google page!

We met a lovely black Labrador In Wrexham, whilst tackling a faux Suede sweet from Harveys! it was covered in water marks where doggy slobber, had tried to be removed , there was also some food stains. With faux suede the whole thing needs cleaning then afterward the pile needs alignment otherwise you get tool track marks. So a little bit more time needs spending but when dry, you get a great result!

We had a lovely drive to LLangollen, to spruce up a cream leather sofa that had not been used in years! what a gorgeous drive down and what a scenic setting that area is! at first glance from the sofa from a distance didn’t look too bad but you should have seen what came out! the cleaning cloths show how much dirt had built up! after a few hours work and a couple of coats of leather care cream and a good buff! the sofa was ready for another ten years with appearance and suppleness restored! Another happy customer Yay!

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