This week at Bee’s knees we were in Llay, to restore rental house carpets, they weren’t overly dirty just needed sanitising and brightening up. We had great results, so much so that the land lady was very impressed and will be using us again! We also made a new friend, next doors cat, who loved my fresh chicken in my lunch pack up. 

Its been another busy week here at Bee’s Knees, we met a couple of lovely black Labradors in Gresford and spruced a living room carpet up, had a great result on a faux Suede sofa near Wrexham

The job that stands out was in a beautiful Georgian house in Handridge, there we had make up stains, purple nail polish on a wool  looped pile carpet, some stubborn draught marks to content with. The nail was the worst and most time consuming, but with some acetate, TLC time and a tar  removing product it was gone! Needles to say another chuffed customer yay! ?

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