It’s that time of year when jobs come in all shapes and sizes! Our travels have taken us to a Tanker office removing oil stains in Ellesmere Port, a large country house in Cheshire, and Upholstery and Rug cleaning in North wales. 

It’s always a challenge removing oil from carpets. If it black carbonated it’s hard to shift but with the right products you can make a difference! however only  if it’s caught quickly!  With some solvents and optical brighteners we had great result.

One job took us way out through the flooded lanes of Cheshire out to a country house near Malpas, in a gorgeous rural setting. We had seven rooms two stars, and a long corridor of carpets to clean, for an end of term let! Customer was very pleased and more importantly got her deposit back!

A Sunday Job took us to Hawarden, there we found a lovely 8 years old wool rug and some cream dining chairs that were in need of our TLC. Two sweaty hour later we had rejuvenated the furniture and rug! Much to the delight of the customer! Satisfaction is our aim and guarantee!

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