Another busy week for Bee’s Knees lot’s of people in Upton and round Chester wanting our help restoring there flooring to its former glory! One Cream carpet in Upton had a challenge for us!

These before and after pictures show a common soiling effect/ Phenominon we find on carpets that is known as “filtration lines” normal vacuuming does not seem to reduce or remove these dark lines and there is an explanation for them. It has to do with the fact that your carpet is really acting as a giant filter in your home, catching and holding all sorts of dirt, dust, crumbs, spills, dead skin cells, hair, and “you-name-it” that is part of every normal household.

Most of this material is large enough and heavy enough to settle into the carpeting, and can be regularly removed through vacuuming, but there is also various microscopic pollutants floating around in your home’s air, such as dust, smoke, air-borne grease from cooking, soot, etc. These types of pollutants may circulate round your house and they settle onto your furniture as dust, or air movement and traffic keep them air-borne. It is this super-small, virtually invisible material that is actually responsible for the dark lines that form under doorways and along the edges of your carpeted rooms. It all has to do with the air pressure that your central heating/cooling system creates in your home, and the fact that homes are being built more and more air-tight. the positive pressure will force the air to escape out of the room through any crack, crevice, or opening, like under a closed door, and over time these lines form. Most people think it’s the end  when they see these lines on their carpets, so its great when we surprise them!

With the right citrus based products and a fair amount of elbow grease and patience some amazing results can be achieved! The customer was very happy with the results! and we love satisfied customers here at Bee’s Knees!

If you’d like to see new life breathed into your carpets get in touch today to see how Bee’s Knees Carpets can help you!

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