This week at Bee’s knees we were in Llay, to restore rental house carpets, they weren’t overly dirty just needed sanitising and brightening up. We had great results, so much so that the land lady was very impressed and will be using us again! We also made a new friend, next doors cat, who loved my fresh chicken in my lunch pack up. 

You can’t beat the variety of location with satisfied customers here at Bee’s Knees. This week taken us to upmarket developments in Chester, village life near Warrington and a stunning hill top location near Wrexham

We had an amazing result on a fluorescent green sofa that had dark food stains and general fallout from children having fun. The customer was going to throw the sofa away but   After time and effort she was amazed! We also removed pen and nasty black marks from a grey sofa’s arms. 

We then had a call out that took us high up in the hills near Caegwirlie Wrexham to do a corner sofa and cuddle chair  being watched by a mischievous husky with sweeping views as the back drop! Another happy customer! 

Another satisfying job was brightening up a blue rug and giving the pizazz back to a jazzy stair Carpet! Three dogs in the house meant both needed a good clean! It was amazing what came out! 

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