People are always amazed how you can breathe life into dull old leather suites! This blue one came up a treat! And so did this Cream retro recliner and footstool. Both customer were very happy with the end result! And after a deep moisture treatment was added, the life of this over twelve year old furniture was extended way into the future for many years! If you are a leather suite owner remember you must moisturise your furniture with a good leather moisture treatment at least once a year, direct sunlight and temperature can really dry out leather and lead to cracking and irreversible damage! ​

We love a challenge at Bee’s Knees! and Northwood Estate agents of Wrexham certainly offered us that with end of term rental carpet clean. Every now and then you come across an incredibly dirty carpet but as the photo’s show you can bring some carpets back from the seeming point of no return! You can see on the photo of the stairs and the photo of the living room carpet how one of the products we use Altec’s Ultimate Master cut’s through dirt like butter with an awesome result! removing all the harmful bacteria in  hypoallergenic pet/child friendly way! Satisfaction all round!

This picture shows a test patch in a very busy communal area in residential flats, this amount of foot soil from people walking dirt on this area over a year, shows again how what an effective product Ultimate master is for carpet cleaning!

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